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Wine Applications

The export market is where much of the future growth lies for the South African wine market.  Our wines can only become globally competitive if their quality is on a par with the best of Australia, France, and other new world wineries. We are extremely proud to have been the company that pioneered and introduced this product application to the Cape wine industry in 1997. We initially supplied just 3 wine cellars but since then we have grown significantly to supply over 400 wine cellars throughout the region. This, we believe, is testimony to the South African winemaker’s commitment to producing export quality, world competitive wines.

Oxidation of wine

While a certain degree of oxidation is necessary for some wines to become mellow and mature, direct contact with oxygen has a detrimental effect on the quality and organoleptic properties of the wine. Atmospheric oxygen dissolves in wine, not only during the various handling stages, but also through surface contact, which is followed by diffusion throughout the wine.

Dry Ice Pellets (in 3mm & 16mm form) have a number of applications in the food and wine industry. Their primary purpose in the wine making process is to reduce and control the amount of oxygen which the grapes, juice and wine are exposed to, and in so doing, assist the winemaker in keeping the levels of dissolved oxygen (DO) in the wine to a minimum.

By minimising the DO levels in the juice, and or wine, the quality is preserved and the shelf life enhanced. By following a few simple steps during the production process and administering the pellets at these stages we have proved that it is possible to significantly reduce and control the DO levels in the wine. This is especially critical in the production of delicate white wines like Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc and Chardonnay.

Should you be interested in finding out more about this exciting application please contact us to arrange a visit by one of our representatives.

Wine Applications
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