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ALIGAL is a range of premium gases and mixtures for the processing and packaging of beverages, food and agricultural products. This range was developed specifically to meet the industries high standards, in terms of quality, purity and traceability.

ALIGAL product quality is guaranteed right up to the point of use.

Aligal 1 – Certified Food Grade Nitrogen
Aligal 2 – Certified Food Grade CO2
Aligal Mixtures – CO2 / Nitrogen blends in varying proportions depending on your requirements

Quality of raw materials -The gases are taken from approved production plants, equipped with a quality-assured filling station.

Quality of raw materials transport - All precautions are taken to preserve the excellent degree of purity of the original product, both when filled in cylinders in our plants and when transported and stored in bulk at customer locations.

Storage of raw materials in filling centres - The gases are certified as complying with current regulations (EC standards).

In addition to the above each and every ALIGAL cylinder is purged using a vacuum system prior to filling to remove any residual impurities that could contaminate the cylinder. This is done using a special system attached to the cylinder filling manifold. Each cylinder is then filled and that specific batch of cylinders is then batch analyzed and checked to ensure that any impurities fall within the prescribed limits. Certificates of analysis are attached to each cylinder and records are kept for every batch so that, should there be a query, there is a path of accountability for the customer.

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