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We can, on request, have custom-designed dry ice storage boxes manufactured for customers who wish to store larger quantities of dry ice for longer periods. The size of the box will depend on your requirements and we are also able to assist with a detailed analysis of your needs to determine the optimum size required. In addition, we will commission the construction of the box on your behalf and ensure that quality standards are adhered to.

These boxes are of heavy duty construction and are fitted on castor wheels for manoeuvrability. They have special 100mm thick insulated walls and double-sealed hinged lids. They offer superior thermal insulation and have a number of special features to help minimize losses. With these boxes we have proved that it is possible to keep dry ice for up to 7 days providing that the box is completely filled with dry ice (allowing for a 2 - 5% loss of product per day depending on ambient temperature).

Bulk Storage Boxes
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