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3 mm Dry Ice Pellets

This is the smallest form of dry ice that we manufacture. Each pellet resembles a large rice grain with an average length of 10mm and a 3mm diameter. Dry ice in this form will sublimate rapidly which is why it is best used in certain controlled applications, for example where the pellets are thrown into wine tanks in order to displace the air (and oxygen) from the tank, ensuring that the environment is inert and ready for use. This form of dry ice is also popular with companies exporting small temperature-sensitive medical specimens, ice creams and other perishable items. 3mm Pellets are easy to use and, usefully, fill all of the gaps and air spaces in a container and around the items which are required to be kept cold. This is also the form of dry ice that is used for dry ice blast cleaning.

3 mm Dry Ice Pellets
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