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Other Dry Ice Applications

Shipment of medical specimens

Our dry ice is used by many companies specializing in the transport of temperature sensitive medical specimens and human blood.

Cold branding of cattle
This is a relatively new practice in South Africa and we are proud to have worked with a leading South African specialist conducting trials on this application in the Western Cape. The branding irons are super-cooled in a spirits bath which has been cooled using dry ice. The animal’s hair is shaved in the area where the branding is required and the cold branding irons are then pressed onto the skin for a specific length of time.

The practice is slowly gaining favour as many farmers believe that it is the best way to brand their cattle as it results in less trauma to the animal. It also makes the animals easy to identify as the pigment of the hair is permanently changed to a white colour making the animals easy to identify – even from a distance. For more information on this practice please contact us.

Camping / Hiking / Hunting / Fishing / 4x4 trips

Dry ice is the best way to keep your food and drinks cold on any camping, hiking, hunting, fishing or 4x4 trip. Keep your dry ice separate from the perishable items, preferably in a separate sealed cooler and add dry ice from this cooler into the cooler containing the food and drinks, as and when required. It helps to wrap the dry ice blocks in  a thick layer of newspaper as this insulates them and makes them last longer. As a general rule of thumb you will need 1 to 2 of our 2.5kg blocks per 24 hour period to keep your frozen food frozen, depending on the size of the cooler and quantity of food.

We can assist with the calculation of how much you will need, so feel free to contact us. To keep fish and game frozen, dry ice is the best option and the cold CO2 gas that sublimates off the dry ice will assist in inhibiting bacteria that could cause spoilage of your prize catch or big game trophy.

Power cuts or refrigeration failure

If you lived through the rolling blackout power crisis in the Western Cape during early 2006 you will know the devastating effect that this can have on any home or business. Dry ice can be added into any freezer or cold room to help maintain the temperature during the electricity blackout.

If your refrigeration system fails at home, factory or on your truck you can safely and effectively use dry ice to prevent spoilage of your perishable goods. We can assist you with calculating exactly how much dry ice would be required so feel free to contact us.

Special effects – parties and functions

Our dry ice has been used by many people to create the classic magical “flowing smoke “effect. It’s very easy and all you need is some dry ice and a bucket of warm water. As a general rule of thumb you would need between 3 to 4 kilograms of our 16mm pellets per 10 minutes of “smoke effect”. The warmer the water the faster the dry ice will sublimate and the more dramatic the “smoke effect” will be. The CO2 vapour which creates the “smoke effect” is heavier than air and as a result you will see the smoke cloud sink down onto the floor and down any stairs which, if combined with some effective lighting, can really create a great ambience for any party.

Contact us for advice and ideas.

Other Dry Ice Applications
Other Dry Ice  and Equipment / Storage Applications
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