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Due to its nature, dry ice is a difficult product to store for extended periods of time. This is due to the fact that dry ice exists at MINUS 78°C. If exposed to any temperature above this, dry ice will naturally sublimate to gas, therefore, a well-insulated container is essential.

At Sidewinder we offer a variety of storage containers which are all available for sale. In our experience, we find that for shorter durations (a few hours up to 2 days), the best and most affordable choice of container is a polystyrene box which we seal with packaging tape which keeps moisture out and minimizes losses.

We offer 4 sizes of small container:
Super Small Box - This box holds up to 5kg (16mm) of dry ice (3mm = 4 kg)
Small Box - This box holds up to 8kg of dry ice
Medium Box - This box holds up to 15kg of dry ice
Large Box - This box holds up to 30kg of dry ice

With the Large Box (30kg) filled, sealed and stored at an ambient temperature of 20°C the loss of product amounts to approximately 10% per day.

Dry Ice Containers
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